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About North Shore Chiropractic

Our Practice Philosophy: What Drives Us

Seated Cervical AnalysisAt North Shore Chiropractic, we are committed to serving the community by providing the highest level of chiropractic care possible to practice members from newborns through seniors. We treat everyone we see like a member of our own family, and we genuinely want to see you achieve your goals and live your best life.

With our focus on in-depth analysis and education about the body’s ability to heal, we strive to empower you to create your best health for life.

Returning Home to Serve His Community

Our compassionate chiropractor, Dr. Lane Krause, grew up not far from Clear Lake and always knew he wanted to come back home to open his own practice. After earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, he worked in one of the largest practices in the Midwest.

In 2023, he realized his dream of returning to the Clear Lake and Mason City area to open our clinic and give back to the community he loves.


Our Precise Approach Using the Gonstead Technique

Dr. Lane specializes in the Gonstead Technique, a chiropractic method that utilizes in-depth analyses to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your pain or other symptoms for all new practice members. This approach includes visualization, static and motion palpation, instrumentation to locate inflammation along the spine, and X-rays (of course, we do not X-ray children or pregnant women) so we get a clear picture of what’s going on with your spine and nervous system.

This evidence-based approach to care means that we are never guessing when it comes to your health. Based on these evaluations, we use gentle adjustments to restore alignment to your spine so your nervous system can communicate the way God intended, allowing your body to heal itself from within.

We Celebrate Your Successes

We recently worked with a practice member whose low back pain prevented him from getting around, and his goal was to get back on the golf course. After regular adjustments, he’s back to enjoying time with his grandkids and playing golf without pain.

Rejuvenate Your Health Starting Today

You deserve to feel fantastic. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!

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