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North Shore Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Clear Lake Practice Members Say

At North Shore Chiropractic we love when practice members share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our practice member testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Lower Back & Neck Pain

brekk photoBefore coming to see Dr. Lane I had been having lower back/neck pain for about eight years. I have sought out care from other chiropractors but I never saw lasting results. Being in pain all of the time caused a lot of physical exhaustion which made it harder to work for long periods of time.

My life has tremendously improved because I can work harder for longer because my energy and endurance have increased. I also have more focus and less stress because I don’t have to worry about the pain.

I am now also able to spend more quality time with my wife and loved ones on the evenings and weekends! I am thankful for Dr. Lane and his staff and I can’t wait to see more positive changes!

- Brekk

Back Pain and Breathing Difficulties

craig photoOver 20 years ago, I found myself in the clutches of debilitating back pain that caused a cascade of health challenges. Shortness of breath, high blood pressure, stomach issues, insomnia, and even the need for nebulizer treatments twice a day for three years were my constant companions. Bloodshot eyes became a norm, and the toll on my daily life was profound.

The impact was immense—chronic pain, the constant reliance on medication for relief, and the restrictive tether to a machine that aided my breathing. It felt like I was trapped in a cycle of discomfort and dependency. However, since embracing the care provided by Dr. Lane, my life has undergone a profound transformation! The changes have been nothing short of remarkable—no more shortness of breath, no more need for nebulizer treatments or inhalers! The sense of freedom is palpable. I’ve broken free from the chains that bound me to machines and medication.

The impact on my daily life is undeniable. I’ve regained a sense of autonomy and control over my well-being. Thanks to the excellent care provided Dr. Lane, and his compassionate team, I’ve been able to reclaim my life from the clutches of pain and dependency.

- Craig

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I first started coming to see Dr. Lane for back and neck pain that I have had for as long as I can remember. The pain alone affected my mood, lifestyle and quality of life. I suffered from depression, low energy, dizziness, severe pain and I had a lack of strength/flexibility. It was so bad I ended up on antidepressants for 6 years.

Since getting adjusted regularly my mood has improved, I have no dizziness and minimal pain/discomfort. I finally feel that I have control of my life again. I was finally able to stop using all of my medications and I am able to regulate my moods on my own now! Chiropractic has very much changed my life in small and big ways! Thank you Dr. Lane and staff!

- Kelsey

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Low Weight/Refusal to Eat

When my mom was 28 weeks pregnant with me I was diagnosed with IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). I was born a couple of weeks early and had a 2 week stay in the hospital. After that, I developed a bottle/ nursing aversion. I refused to eat for months! I had very low weight gain and I was diagnosed as failure to thrive.

Since getting adjusted regularly I am able to eat like a normal baby and I have increased my weight. I finally made it onto a growth curve and I am ahead in developmental milestones! Dr. Lane and chiropractic have changed my life, my family and I are so thankful!

- Lucia


rose photoI first came to see Dr. Lane for colic. When I was a few weeks old I would start crying in the afternoon and it would go on for hours, it was hard for my mom to console me. I am my mom’s second child and trying to take care of me, plus my brother, was draining her mental health.

Since getting adjusted regularly I am a much happier baby and I no longer have hours of crying. My mom’s bad mental health and stress have gone away. She is able to just enjoy being a mom of two and she doesn’t have the guilt of becoming frustrated that she couldn’t help me. We are thankful for Dr. Lane and his staff. They have changed my mom and I’s life for the better!

- Rose

scout photo


I first came to see Dr. Lane for severe allergies (including peanut butter and 12 other foods). I had an allergic reaction to peanut butter around 7 months old. I also had a constant runny nose, congestion, watery eyes and eczema, I was miserable. Throughout our journey, I have healed in so many ways! I rarely ever get sick and my allergies have improved/disappeared. I am now able to live my life like a normal 5 year old should be able to.

My mom and I can not recommend Dr. Lane enough. If my mom had not seen a Facebook post 3 years ago I wouldn’t be the happy/healthy kid I am today!

- Scout

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